“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free”

As a key part of an organization’s identity, a logo must try to communicate the brand essence of a company or what the organization represents. This makes designing logos a critical job for a graphic designer and is often a creative process that is heavy in research and consultation.

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Alessio Maisano Design

Client – Personal / Contest – Design

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Client – Magazine / Contest – Videogames

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Another Lead

Client – Blog / Contest – News

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Client – Web / Contest – Server Menagment

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SouthCore Team

Client – School / Contest – Martial Arts

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Teatro Parioli

Client – Theatre / Contest – Art

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Client – Fur Shop / Contest – Fashion

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Client – Competition / Contest – Movies Direction

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Client – E-commerce / Contest – Packaging Managment

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Digitech Team

Client – Amazon / Contest – Photo Retouching

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Granelli di Stelle

Client – Homemade Shop / Contest – Jewelry