My proud logo collection from different clients divided per different categories. Each logo has a meaning for the contest:

Identity . Design . Branding


Alessio Maisano Design

Client  Personal

My surname initial letters, it seems like a pencil start to drawing or emerges from the idea.


Digitech Team

Client  Amazon

I create this logo for my Digitech Amazon team, our main task is check picture by picture shoot on-set and be ensure that everything is clean and ready for the retouch. As you see the design represents two different pixels.



Client  Videogame Magazine

Logo for a Video Game magazine in my personal project.


South Core Team

Client  Martial Arts School

It is for a Martial Arts gym based in Naples (Italy), where the first thing is the concept of the respect. That’s why I took inspiration from Ying-Yang icon where the fusion between the evil and the good is in process.



Client  E-Commerce Company

E-commerce agency for packing personal items ready to sell. Basically it is developed for the vendor where you are the main one.


Another Lead

Client  News Blog

Free wordpress blog where the user can post his own journal and share with everyone.



Client  Movie Association

Association based in Naples (Italy) founded for young and beginners movie directors free to join in Movie events and competitions.


Foot Work

Client  Freestyle Soccer

Sportive and clear logo for a soccer free-style team.


Granelli Di Stelle

Client  Jewellery

One of the my first logos created for a costume costume homemade jewellery, the name of the brand it does mean ‘specks of stars’.


Teatro Parioli

Client  Theatre

In collaboration with the agency Villaggio Globale, the Client wants to open the new theatre structure based in Rome in Parioli area. The logo represents a sun mask for recall the inspiration for the south of Italy (Naples).


We Love Fur

Client  Fur Store

Fashion Fur store based in Milan.



Client  E-Commerce Company

It is for a website server for handle buy yourself the security for your own server, just press the button!


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