My passions

Facts about me

I’m over 30, and I’m still playing video games 😐
Certified Netflix marathoner 😉
I sold my soul for to have unlimited Spotify Premium 🎧

What I Do

Superpowers 💪

UX/UI Design

Design System, Interactions, Wireframes

I make sure that all brand style guides are implemented with the front-end system integration.

Product preview through an animated prototype.

Design a mast in order to map all the project contents

Visual Design

Identity, Graphic, Art Direction

Create a visual brand/product identity, in order to establish all the design rules.

Help digital marketing teams to build and publish a visual impact posts on social media.

 Give an idea how to represent the product to the final stakeholder

ADV Photography

Retouch, Photo Shoot, Still Life

Finest pictures retouch and postproduction.

Organize a photoshoot with the right workflow

Feedbacks 👍

"Alessio’s super power is his passion. His dedication and attention to the detial earnt huge trust with the team and showed his desire to raise the quality bar. His visual communication abilities were highlighted within the Exposure project which is fantastic achievement and asset to the studio."

- Amazon

"Due to his experience he knows well the rules required on the daily work. He follows them strictly and keep in contact with the team to don’t miss any error. He improved a lot of regarding be motivated and get involved in projects. He is always open to collaborate with the team."

- Amazon

"Alessio is a great asset to the photo studio. He is always avaible when you need him. He would never say “it’s not my job”."

- Amazon

"Alessio is a graphic wizard! His superpower are insist on the highest standards and think big. He has created incredible work for Amazon, that has made a lasting impact. His leadership principles videos for example really help employees of all levels to understand how these influence our daily work."

- Amazon

"Alessio is my creative “go to”! He has supported on multiple projects that have had a regional and global impact. His superpower is definetly linked to his ability to take a simple brief and transform it into something aesthecally special."

- Amazon

"Alessio has a good technical knowledge and is always ready to support the team to the best of his ability. He takes ownership in resolving any issues and has a desire to achieve more for his growth development."

- Amazon